Preaching the Word


Course in Homiletics - Winter 2002/3


While every Christian denomination has its non-professional preachers and teachers, this study course hopes to improve the efficiency of lay-preaching, Sunday School and Bible Class teaching. There seem to be a need among Ďlayí preachers and teachers for some principles to be reemphasised Ė principles which relate both the message itself and to the method conveying it.


Also, the genuine preacher or teacher needs to be responsive first and foremost to the God Whose representative he or she professes to be, explaining His written Word faithfully, skilfully, luminously, and clearly to men and women of our day. It is our hope and prayer that the nine lessons in preparation may be a small contribution towards the attainment of that perspective.


Philippe De Coster, D.D.



The Course in Homiletics is divided in Nine Lessons:


        The Preacherís or Teacherís Message ††(updated)

        The Preacherís or Teacherís Spiritual Life

        Choosing the Theme

        Grasping the Message

        Shaping the Sermon

        Preparing the Delivery

        Jesusí Method

        Twisted Techniques

        Conducting a Service